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Friedman Dental Group

At the Friedman Dental Group, we’re focused on advanced compassionate dental care. Led by renowned…

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental implants are designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel, and function like natural teeth…

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  • Suzanne is awesome. I wa...

    Suzanne is awesome. I was expecting pain & blood, but I got neither. Thanks for making an unpleasant task....well...pleasant.

    Jennefer R.
  • Overall good experience--...

    Overall good experience--p

    Pat M.
  • I love this practice. I ...

    I love this practice. I have had numerous dental procedures done with Dr Friedman over the years with excellent results. The cleanings are done to perfection and they also do a spa hand treatment to relax you while they do the cleaning. My husband had an emergency implant done at this office and now he…

    Roberta P.
  • Excellent service as usua...

    Excellent service as usual.

    John C.
  • Dr. Friedman was just awe...

    Dr. Friedman was just awesome! He is an absolute gem when it comes to Describing the services needed, time, anesthesia, pain,psyment scheduel. He is just a sweetheart, very rare to find today.

    Linda D.
  • I gauge medical professio...

    I gauge medical professionals by asking myself, "Would I feel comfortable sitting down over a cup of coffee and shooting the breeze with this person". This a must for me. I have to feel that comfortable. Everyone that I've met at Friedman Dental meets this standard. They're very personable, which makes me feel great. I…

    James M.
  • This time was a cleaning....

    This time was a cleaning. It's nice to know my diligence in flossing and brushing is paying off. Emily did the work,, and she's great. She kept saying numbers, and without me asking, she explained to me what they meant. That's just one of the great things about this place. Wait time was nothing. I…

    James M.
  • I have been a patient of ...

    I have been a patient of this office for over 20 years and always have the best treatment from the entire staff. Excellent care, truly professional, make you feel comfortanle and at ease. Thank you Emillee and Anne!!! Thanks for keeping me smiling :)

    Laura M W.
  • We had a wonderful time w...

    We had a wonderful time with Dr. Friedman. He is such an intelligent and personable dentist. He has the most experience of any dentist I have seen. He took care of my daughter and that's all I care about.

    Katrina P.
  • Still waiting for an emai...

    Still waiting for an email to for Russell Johnson, with my Total Treatment Plan and Cost, before my next scheduled appoinment 5-13-2014.

    Russell J.
  • Other than one bad dentis...

    Other than one bad dentist, all of my dentists have been excellent, but, Dr. Katia is the kindest, gentlest dentist I have ever had. Thank you for excellence bar none!!!!!!

    Kathi C.
  • Very good and professiona...

    Very good and professional :)

    Lupes E.
  • Very satisfied!

    Very satisfied!

    Howard R.
  • I don't know what made me...

    I don't know what made me say it, but as I was making arrangements for my next appointment, I said, "I'm done with gum disease!". I thought I was going to get a standing ovation. They've done extensive work with me. and they could see I was motivated to not have a "messy mouth" like…

    James M.
  • Very Good

    Very Good

    Russell E.
  • I am very happy to be p...

    I am very happy to be patient of the Friedman Dental group. I have a very good experience..

    Raisa G.
  • Staff is professional, wa...

    Staff is professional, warm and accommodating. This is the first time in my life I feel that I am going to someone who knows what they are doing and presents a picture of the entire mouth instead of the piecemeal approach. Probaby the first time I actually trust a group with my mouth.

    Barbara F.
  • Great visit.

    Great visit.

    Anonymou S.
  • Excellent service! They a...

    Excellent service! They are very professional and Dr. Eli is a great doctor. I will highly recommend them.

    Melba B.
  • Excellent, as always.

    Excellent, as always.

    Kathi C.
  • Felt very confident that ...

    Felt very confident that I made the right choice in dentists

    Charles Z.
  • Excellent service

    Excellent, attentive and friendly staff and experience I definitely recommend this office to all my friends and families.

    Jonathan M.
  • Wonderful, as usual!!

    Wonderful, as usual!!

    Kathi C.
  • Awesome. This is the best...

    Awesome. This is the best dental office I have ever used. They walk you through every step of the way of all procedures.

    Edgar G.
  • The service was great and...

    The service was great and fast!

    Sharlene B.
  • It is always a pleasure t...

    It is always a pleasure to come in for dental cleaning. Kaylene is a true professional and is very pleasant to be around. All the employees are pleasant and very professional. I just need to quit staining my teeth so much, and giver Kaylene a break. Hope I spelled her name right. I would recommend…

    Joseph D.
  • Great!


    Natasha S.
  • Accommodated my emergency...

    Accommodated my emergency in a very competent and professional manner.

    Kevin Michael D.
  • I am very pleased with th...

    I am very pleased with the work Dr. Friedman has done. He always explains exactly what he will do, and his staff is also very knowledgable and friendly. I always know what to do before and after each treatment. Dr. Friedman follows up after each appointment to make sure everything is all right. I really…

    Janina M.
  • Nothing short of Excellen...

    Nothing short of Excellent !!!!!!!!!!

    Russell E.
  • I am so impressed with yo...

    I am so impressed with your offfice. The spa treatment made me enjoy having my teeth cleaned. You also have a very nice work place for your employees. Great job keep up the good work. By the way I left your office and told 2 friends about your wonderful dental practice.

    Roberta P.
  • Very nice experience. Kar...

    Very nice experience. Karen and Susan are excellent! Dr. Friedman is also very nice to talk to.

    Ye H.
  • This is THE best practice...

    This is THE best practice EVER! From the receptionist, dental hygienist, to dentist you cannot ask for better care. There is no reason to go anywhere else!

    Lynn P.
  • Appointment, Staff & Env...

    Scheduling appointments is easy. The staff is very courteous and friendly.

    Sherline P.
  • Amazing cleaning

    Excellent service and the team is very efficient. I got the best cleaning, without any pain. Highly recommended.

    Isabelle D.
  • Everyone is so nice and c...

    Everyone is so nice and caring. You don't see that very much any more. They really are a nice group, and even though some parts of the dentistry treatment may be painful, it can't be avoided, and everyone is very supportive and helpful. Thanks for being so nice.

    Linda D.
  • Thank you Dr. Eli Friedma...

    Thank you Dr. Eli Friedman for your honest opinion and evaluation of my case. I have no more pain and don't even feel my temporary tooth. I wish I knew what a difference it makes to go to a specialist (prosthodontist ) before visiting a general dentist. For the first time I can say: "I'm…

    Evelyn W.
  • Comfortable, Friendly,Pro...

    Comfortable, Friendly,Professional,Efficient Use Of Time, Current Equipment.

    Anonymou S.
  • Very professional

    Very professional

    Charles Z.
  • The staff and Drs. are gr...

    The staff and Drs. are great.

    Sharon W.
  • Staff provide excellent c...

    Staff provide excellent care , and they are right on time. Great visit!

    Matthew H.
  • Dr katia has awesome hand...

    Dr katia has awesome hands no pain at all. Thanks

    Ana V.
  • They are a wonderful, car...

    They are a wonderful, caring staff. I feel very comfortable going there. I would recommend them to anyone.

    Sandra C.
  • No complaints. Everyone w...

    No complaints. Everyone was very professional and seemed to be genuinely interested not only in my needs but my thoughts and concerns. Dr. Katia's touch was light and painless. She understood that the dentist is not my FAVORITE place, but she was able to make me feel comfortable.

    Belinda E.
  • Everything was excellent ...

    Everything was excellent !!!!!!!!!! thank you for a great service!!

    Raisa G.
  • Awesome staff!!

    Awesome staff!!

    Jenna A.
  • Very professional, polite...

    Very professional, polite and took reasonable amount of time explaning my problems and all options to resolved dental issues. Thank you Dr. Friedman and staff.

    Billie B.
  • Very nice staff--p

    Very nice staff--p

    Pat M.
  • Dr. Friedman and team are...

    Dr. Friedman and team are the consummate professionals.

    Susan M.
  • Everything was great!

    Everything was great!

    Olena P.